Patrick Cameron satte färg på Cannes


Skaparna av filmen Shrek är i farten igen och på Cannes Filmfestival lanserades deras nya animerade storfilm Trolls. Patrick Cameron fick tillsammans med designern Marco Erbi och makepartisten Daniel Kolaric uppgiften att skapa tio riktigt färgstarka modeller som skulle följa filmens huvudrollsinnehavare Justin Timberlake och Anna Kendrick längs den röda mattan i Cannes.

Varje modell har en exakt given färg från topp till tå och Patrick, med sitt team, jobbade i över fyra månader för att få till de exakta nyanserna på varenda detalj.

Patrick berättar: ”I was asked to create ten looks that would work for ten glamorous models on the Red Carpet taking the Troll hair look to a whole new level of fun and sophistication! But, it’s not just a matter of putting some fun wigs on a model! Each look had to be carefully planned and constructed to be completely special with a one of a kind feeling. The wigs I used had to be ordered from around the world to get the correct colours needed, with each wig having a hand knotted laced front to give the illusion the models hair was real. I also needed one special rainbow wig which I had made by the London based Big Wig Company.

To create each look took over 3-4 hours of styling – layer by layer, each wig required a specially constructed base that needed to be no heavier than the overall wig, itself. This was extremely important as the models needed to wear the wig for 2 or 3 hours at a time. Each wig also has to be durable enough to be reused for other red carpet events and Troll premieres around the world.”

Text: Anna Lu Lundholm